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Thank you to our Sponsors

Welcome to the first online Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference. This conference took place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in June 2011, and was a runaway success.

This online conference was made possible by the generous donations of time, effort, faith and funds by a number of individuals and organizations.

Anyone can join our sponsor scroll by buying a conference subscription to support someone they believe will benefit from our conference material. You can purchase an individual subscription or group subscriptions. Please consider libraries in your community, schools and other educational institutions. Others can then access this material at those locations. Also, please consider all community and institution based groups , not for profit associations, governmental and non-governmental groups that have members who would benefit from learning about mental health and addictions. As an example, the Nova Scotia College of Family Physicians has sponsored all the libraries of the province to receive a 50 member subscription each! Please follow the links below to purchase these subscriptions. If you have a logo that you would like us to add to the Sponsor Scroll, .


  • Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness : Maureen MacDonald (Minister of Health and Wellness) Kevin McNamara (Deputy minister of health, Patricia Murray (Director of Mental Health services)
  • Atlantic Canada RBC : Lori Smith, Wendy Christmas, Glen Harpell
  • Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia: Stephen Ayer (Executive Director)
  • Practimax Plus Electronic Health Management System, Dymaxion ltd.: Bob Brown (Vice President )
  • Working Group on Collaborative Mental Health Care in Canada, Canadian Psychiatric Association & College of Family Physicians of Canada : Dr. Nick Kates, Dr. Garey Mazowita, Dr. Terry Isomura, Dr. Francine Lemire
  • DVD Director/Producer/Editor: Garnet Hirst, Garnet Hirst Productions
  • DVD Producer/Media : Maximum Response Marketing : Charles Salmon
  • Online Conference Website Design and Management : Eastwood Design ; Peter Eastwood
  • Online Conference Advertising and Support : Debbie Battiste
  • Online Conference Support : Sari Ackerman (Hamilton Family Health Team), Rob Fullerton
  • The conference material was recorded and edited by Dalhousie University MedIT staff led by Jim Enman and Jordan Urquhart. Keynote addresses and presentations were also recorded by Frischkorn Audio Visual
  • The promotional DVDs are hosted by Dr. AJ, who was the Co-Chair of the 2011 Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care conference held in Halifax, Nova Scotia , June 2011 and developed this Online Conference.

Circle of Support


The Nova Scotia College of Family Physicians fully endorses the Collaborative Care Mental Health Model which is delivered by providers from different specialties, disciplines, and community sectors working together to offer complementary services and mutual support. As in any effective partnership, common goals, clear and equitable decision making, and open and regular communication are key in order to provide quality mental health care services to Nova Scotians. Our goal is to foster collaboration based on mutual respect, trust, and a recognition of each partner's potential roles and contributions in order to integrate the multi- disciplinary nature of mental health care.

The Canadian Mental Health Association in Nova Scotia is proud to be part of the circle of support for the 12th Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference: "Charting a New Course to Better Care:

Stronger Links between Consumers, Families and Health Care Providers". We know that engaging stakeholders in the development/promotion of a more supportive mental health care system will be beneficial to consumers, family members and service providers. We wish everyone involved and participating in the Conference a wonderful experience and many opportunities to forge strong and
enduring relationships/friendships. Enjoy the Conference and, if you are a visitor, take advantage of your trip and explore some of the gifts that Nova Scotia has to offer.

The Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine is proud to be a sponsor of the collaborative mental health care conference. Mental health teaching is an important part of our programs – ranging from residencies in psychiatry to ensuring that all physicians have the mental health skills that they need to practice effectively. We also emphasize the importance of taking care of ones own mental health.
For many years the Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia has worked to have individuals and their families included as full partners in mental health care. This conference is a major step forward towards realization of that goal. We congratulate the conference organizers in putting together an outstanding program, and we look forward to the best evidence-based practices in collaborative mental health care being utilized in Nova Scotia.

The College of Family Physicians of Canada is pleased to support the 12th annual Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference. The timely joint CPA-CFPC recent publication of our Position Statement on Collaborative Mental Health Care reaffirms our collective vision and engagement in this important area of patient care. We must continue to have a forum to exchange lessons learned, share innovative practices, improve access to mental health care in primary care as well as embrace the " health" part of " Mental Health". We often talk about evidence based practice. The Conference offers a wonderful opportunity to do this, as well as learn from practice based evidence. Welcome to everyone attending the conference.

The National Institutes of Health Informatics (NIHI) is very proud to support the 12th Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Conference. NIHI supports education and research in Health Informatics and promotes the wise and valued use of eHealth capabilities to support information and knowledge creation and use in the health system. Mental Health Care is highly dependent on information and knowledge, perhaps more so than any other area of care. NIHI would like to see the use of information and communications technologies bringing value to patients, their families and their care providers. Information and knowledge could become far more available, accessible, consumable and effective through the tools that HI research has made available. For example, Telehealth enables the possibility of engaging in therapeutic encounters and mental health education with far less disruption due to travel. We hope this conference will bring an understanding of the essential role that Health informatics has in collaborative mental health care delivery.

CFHA is pleased to support the Canadian conference. Our vision is to build an enduring and enlightening relationship with our Canadian colleagues. We look forward to meeting you at CFHA's booth and presentation. Laing House believes strongly in the importance of integrating peer support into collaborative mental health care for youth living with mental illness. We are thrilled to be a part of 12th Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference and to help chart a new course to improved mental health care services across Canada.

The Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) is the national voice of Canada's over 4000 psychiatrists and 600 psychiatry residents. A dedicated supporter and promoter of shared care and now collaborative mental health care for well over a decade, CPA is a co-founder, along with the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), of what was initially called the Collaborative Working Group on Shared Mental Health Care. This group published a first joint CPA-CFPC position paper on shared care in 1997 and in May of this year released a new position paper on collaborative care, The Evolution of

Collaborative Mental Health Care in Canada: A Shared Vision for the Future Collaborative Care is a model whose time has come – it simply makes sense to shape care around the people who need it, and make it available through providers that know and can treat the 'whole person', not just the illness. The IWK Health Centre is proud to support collaborative care in the community, and see the future of this model of care as very bright indeed. The solutions for care for mental health issues exist within the community itself. We need to be the catalysts for collaborative care to take hold and become the norm for primary health care in Nova Scotia. Care is most effective when the people receiving care are full partners in decision-making and when their needs, wants and most importantly their knowledge and perspective on their own illness are part of the care and decision making process. Collaborative care – bringing primary care, specialists, families, and the person with the illness together in a care collective will ultimately prove to be the most effective and supportive way to manage an illness that isolates people, by its very nature. So much more can be done when we open our minds to the truth that people's "lived experiences" must be part of the picture. Dalhousie University's health-related Faculties, Medicine, Dentistry and Health Professions, together offer entry-to-practice preparation for more than 20 health professions. One current priority in the University is to embed interprofessional education into the curricula of the various programs so that students in each program have the opportunity to learn "about, with and from one another", to learn about the nature of collaboration, and to learn how to become effective members of interprofessional collaborative teams. The cornerstone of interprofessional education and collaborative practice is consumer and family-centred care. It is for this reason that the Faculty of Health Professions is delighted to support the 12th Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference in Halifax. We extend our best wishes for the conference to be highly successful and to have a significant impact on the approach of primary health care to mental health issues. The Dalhousie Department of Psychiatry has been working closely with our colleagues in Family Medicine for a number of years, with the goal of promoting more and better primary mental healthcare for the people of Nova Scotia. The Department has been a direct supporter of the 12th Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference ever since April, 2009 when Dr. Terry Isomura first mooted the idea that Halifax be the host city in 2011. This suggestion was quickly ratified following a site visit by Dr. Isomura and Dr. Ambrose Cheng in June, 2009, and much work has been done since then by our conference organizers. The Dalhousie Department of Psychiatry wholeheartedly supports the further development of collaborative mental healthcare and sees it as one of the foundations of a good overall system of mental healthcare. We very much look forward to the many interesting presentations and opportunities for interactions that this conference will provide, and hope that many of the excellent ideas to be explored find their way into the provincial mental health strategy, to be released by the Government of Nova Scotia this coming fall.

"What an amazing array of speakers and topics in this conference and how great to find them all in one place. Particularly interesting for us will be the Meriden Family Workshop, Peer Support, Peer-led education, and the examples of collaborative care from different provinces and countries. We of the Healthy Minds Cooperative are looking forward to contributing to, and participating in the 12th Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference."

The Self-Help Connection is a registered charitable organization established in 1987 to assist Nova Scotians to take control of their health by increasing their knowledge, skills and resources for individual action. In 1999 the Self-Help Connection received recognition as a "best practices program" from the Federal, Provincial and Territorial Advisory Network on Mental Health for self-help and consumer initiatives.