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This conference was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and was a runaway success! There were upto a hundred powerfully inspiring presentations. (Please look at them in the "Videostreams" menu) The presentations brought first person voices, art , spirituality, mental wellness, youth centered care, cyber-bullying, preventing suicide, shared mental healthcare, collaborative community based models and many other topics to the audience. You or someone you know will benefit from this information.

Please view and share these promo videos of the conference.

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This online conference was made possible by the generous donations of time, effort, faith and funds by a number of individuals and organizations. Please visit them on the "Sponsor Scroll".

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Consider purchasing access to this conference for your libraries, schools and other educational institutions in your community. Think of all community and institution based groups , not for profit associations, governmental and non-governmental groups that will benefit from attending this conference and learning about shared care in mental health and addictions, and PASS THIS INFORMATION ON TO THEM.

Proceeds from this online conference will support ongoing work in Shared Mental Health and Addictions Care.

Ajantha Jayabarathan MD
Director, Central Halifax Innovative Health Clinic
Family Physician, Capital District Department of Family Practice
Certificant & Fellow, College of Family Physicians of Canada
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University
Website http://DrAJ.ca/
Twitter @DRAJHalifax